Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, and are one of the most versatile pieces of home decor you can use to completely transform any room in your home. In addition to creating the illusion of more space, they give a room a brighter and more open feeling and are a great way to create an eye-catching room. ...Mirrors have traditionally been used to reflect images, however, in modern times they are an essential part of home decor as they not only serve a practical purpose, but also add an aesthetic quality to a home. At Chanintr and Co, we have a selection of handcrafted designer mirrors that combine luxury, high-end design with mastery and quality. Browse our vast array of mirrors today.


A unique silhouette gives the Grand Starlight Mirror presence in an entryway, living room, or bedroom. The star cut, bevel-edged mirror is a sparkling counterpoint to the Dark Walnut frame with a swooping contour. Designed by Barbara Barry for Chanintr.


Graceful and grand, this generously scaled Dark Walnut Oval Mirror features beautiful workmanship as well as a beveled mirror. The mirror is fitted to be hung either horizontally or vertically. Designed by Barbara Barry.

Build Customized Furnished Spaces with Chanintr and Co

While many aspects of our lives are out of our control, our home is a place to have total control. It is our homes that provide the stage for many significant moments in our lives. Create a space you enjoy, customized to your individual taste. If you’re looking to elevate your spaces, Chanintr and Co brings together the best names in the industry when it comes to handywork, woodwork and artistry. We combine high-quality materials with unparalleled artisanal skills to create modern pieces that are enduring and timeless while still minimizing our environmental footprint with our green initiatives. Chanintr and Co is committed to creating a better home for all.