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The unique textures, vast array of colors and patterns of luxury rugs can bring a sense of warmth, elegance and personality to any room in the house. ...Rugs provide important aesthetic functions, whether they are used to separate areas in your home, create a variety of ambiance in your home or add harmony to your decor. At Chanintr and Co, we produce one-of-a-kind pieces using materials such as Bamboo Silk to help you create a more eco-friendly and sustainable home. We offer a diverse selection of designer area rugs and runners for various uses, all made from high-quality materials.


Woven with lustrous, renewable Bamboo Silk thread, the Glimmer Rug grounds a room through the interplay of shadows and light creating a subtle pattern of tonal beauty and a soft elegance. Made in Thailand of 100% renewable Bamboo Silk. Designed by Barbara Barry.


The Crosshatch Rug is a modern take on a natural fiber sisal but delivers a gentle, luxurious touch. Made of 70% renewable Bamboo Silk and 30% Wool, the Crosshatch Rug plays with the intersections of a set of parallel lines, creating a subtle pattern of tonal beauty that anchors a room with sophistication. The Crosshatch Rug is bordered in 100% Bamboo Silk of the same color as the Glimmer Rug. Made in Thailand. Designed by Barbara Barry.

Build Customized Furnished Spaces with Chanintr and Co

While many aspects of our lives are out of our control, our home is a place to have total control. It is our homes that provide the stage for many significant moments in our lives. Create a space you enjoy, customized to your individual taste. If you’re looking to elevate your spaces, Chanintr and Co brings together the best names in the industry when it comes to handywork, woodwork and artistry. We combine high-quality materials with unparalleled artisanal skills to create modern pieces that are enduring and timeless while still minimizing our environmental footprint with our green initiatives. Chanintr and Co is committed to creating a better home for all.